Resistance and liberation source mapping and server

Resistance and liberation source mapping and server


One mod and engine ( Valve Source engine)


Hello everyone. I will present here what I am doing for the mod source called Resistance and liberation. A ww2 multiplayer game focalised on infantry.  Its first strong point is a very good mechanic and some detail you can't find on most actually AAA ww2 multiplayer game. It using the old Source engine. The weak point is it age.( sorry for my english I am french and i try the less to use the traduction.) 

I learn and use Valve Hammer Source to do mapping since almost 5 years. 


A server,admin and service.

The mod is free. Its free is as much as its strong point as its weak point. I am not a thunder in informatique  but I like what I learned and i learning everyday. That say I will do again and again some error. Because I am not pro. I only like this mod like nobody.

The mod, server and players.

It's time. Its time to see who can what, and I won't  blame anyone who does nothing. I simply thanks all for allowing me to embark on this project

I offer a service that everybody can own since almost 5 years. This service need a structure and this structure need some maintenances. 

Here the reason of this Web site. 

Here the reason where I call you to continue to help me to keep this jewel alive without to see in the past to look forward . RnL on Ue4 is not far but source is still here and the world is changing.  I would have like to see RnL on Source 2 . A sweet dream .


I challenge anyone who want to find a weapon line of sight and behavior in an mod or free game Exept the Arma series,the Insurgency series and Red orchestra series...not to mention Post Scriptum.  If you read until here,then I have been relevant.